We’re working hard to protect the environment. We have more than halved the volume of waste we send to land-fill each week through our environmental initiatives. As an active member of enviro-mark, we are committed to constantly improving our practices and reducing our impact on the environment. We are a responsible company and will not sell eco friendly products on their credentials alone. If we state a product is better for the environment, we include the fact Premium Signcarfters Ltd. Is acting environmentally responsible while producing the goods.

Environmental Policy

Premium Signcarfters Ltd. recognises the impact , both directly and indirectly its day to day operations have on the environment.
We aim to improve our environmental impact by way of good management and good practices throughout our organisation.
Premium Signcarfters Ltd. will work to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions and adopt greener alternatives wherever possible throughout our operations.
We will continue to improve the environmental impact of our activities and guarantee our legal compliance.

This Will Be Achieved By:

  • Complying fully with relevant and current legislation.
  • Preventing pollution to land, air and water.
  • Reduce water and energy use.
  • Minimise waste and increase recycling.
  • To identify and manage environmental risks and hazards.
  • Involve, customers, suppliers and subcontractors in the implementation of our objectives.
  • Provide suitable training and information to employees.
  • To improve in general the environmental efficiency of our company.
  • Establish targets to measure our progress in environmental performance.

Yasawa Island Resort


Yasawa island resort praise for our team, congratulation to all

Hello Ashwini,

I just wanted to send my thanks to you, Shiraz and the entire team at Premium Sign Crafters. It is highly unusual to get great service, on time in Fiji. You and your team went above and beyond today helping get us out of a very challenging situation.

I will definitely sing your praises from the rooftops and recommend you to all of my industry colleagues.

Thank you all again!
Kind regards,

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Health & Safety Policy

Premium Signcrafters Limited will take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of staff, visitors and contractors by complying with relevant health and safety legislation, standards, and codes of practice.

This Is Achieved By

1. All Premium Signcrafters personnel having individual responsibility for health and safety

2. All Premium Signcrafters personnel being informed of, understanding, and accepting their responsibility for eliminating or minimising the potential for harm to people at their workplace.

3. EnsuringPremium Signcrafters personnel are consulted on, and given the opportunity to participate in, health and safety management

4. Ensuring Premium Signcrafters has an effective method for identifying hazards. Significant hazards will then be controlled by:

Eliminating or isolating any hazard that is likely to cause harm to staff, contractors or visitors

Minimising the effects of hazards, if they cannot be practicably eliminated or isolated

5. Creating and maintaining a safe working environment.

6. Having in place plans and procedures for all foreseeable emergencies that may arise in the workplace

7. Providing appropriate orientation, training and supervision for all new and existing staff

8. Having effective procedures for the hiring and monitoring of contractors and being accountable for their safety and for that of other visitors

9. Accurate recording, reporting and investigating injuries, incidents and near misses.

10. Supporting the safe and early return to work of injured employees.

11. Ongoing evaluation, review and updating of our compliance with our health and safety programme and this policy.




Hi Zinal,

I would like to say a big congratulations to you and all the Premium Sign Crafters staff that have worked very hard to present the new TTF coaches with a very professional standard.

This has been a tight time line and I can only say thank you to all involved. I’m sure the Minister will be impressed today. Plus payment process approved yesterday so chq should be available today from TTF accounts – Navin.

Vinaka & Regards

John Hardaker
General Manager


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