About Us


Exceeding Your Expectations

Our company is committed to you, our clients, and we strive to exceed your expectation by providing high-quality custom signage and personalised customer service. You can rest assured that as a local business ourselves we know that capturing attention and promoting your brand is invaluably important. This is why we focus on proving the highest quality product to capture the attention of your potential clients and promote your brand invaluably.

  • We offer FREE consultations and estimates for all services
  • Customised work – nothing is ever pulled of the shelf
  • We assess your needs so you can achieve
  • We don’t just do your job, we build a relationship
  • We make it right, every time, first time

Who We Are

When it comes to the art of sign making, Premium Signcrafters Limited has you covered!

Premium Signcrafters Limited has been founded by five strong directors, with a combined experience of over 40 years in the signage and advertising industries. Company director Irfan Khan has working in the sign industry for 19 years and company director Nitesh Prasad has been in the sign industry for the past 14 years. The international directors Grant and Louise Moreton and Hunphry Rolleston has each successfully run multiple advertising and signage businesses in Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. The company has strong financial backing as Media Metro Ltd is a sister company and has been operating in Fiji for 14 years with a proven track record of growth, innovation and dedication to its customers. With this foundation Premium Signcrafters Limited has the ability to complete your project big or small.

Our attention to detail and quality is supassed only by our vision to bring out the best in your business to attract your customers. We have purhased and importated all new printing and signage machinery which will eradicate all previous issues regarding quality issues in the Fiji market. We use brilliant, fade-resistant inks along with world class materials, and state-of-the-art technologies. Premium Signcrafters with its latest high-tech machines and welll trained operators and assembers is ready to build a lasting and national reputation for quality, service, pricing and inspired design for you and your company.